Carmel mayor Jim Brainard could get $50K raise

Posted at 6:29 AM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 12:19:25-04

CARMEL, Ind. -- Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard could be getting a raise to his salary.

The city council will consider a raise of more than $50,000 to his annual pay.

The raise was introduced in Brainard's budget proposal.

If it passes, Brainard's new annual salary of about $180,000 would be almost twice what Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett makes.

Brainard's office released a statement Thursday, defending the proposed raise.

The statement says Indiana's mayors perform more duties than a lot of other city leaders across the country, but Brainard gets paid less than comparable city managers. 

“Mayor Brainard has served more than 20 years as Mayor of Carmel and the City has always believed it is important to attract and keep the best and brightest by keeping the city’s salary structure competitive," said Nancy Heck, the spokeswoman for the city of Carmel. "Over the years, the Mayor has had opportunities to leave public service for the private sector, where salaries and compensation for being a corporate executive for a company the size of Carmel's workforce would be much higher."

Heck noted that the city's tax rate wouldn't be raised to pay for the higher salary.