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Windy & mild. Rain returns Thursday

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Windy and mild next several days.

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Tuesday headlines

Feel it? Much warmer air has arrived in Central Indiana.

Our sustained mild stretch is underway. Highs will reach the 60s through Thursday. You might even feel a touch of humidity later this week as well.

Temperatures remain comfortable tonight. Low temps will stay at 40 degrees or warmer for most of us.

Our sunny stretch of days has been spectacular, but clouds increase tomorrow. Highs once again vault into the 60s.

A windy Wednesday is ahead. Windy gusts over 30 mph will accompany very mild temps. Rain is possible late Wednesday evening, but chances are low.

The best chance of rain arrives Thursday and Friday. Rainfall amounts of an inch or more are possible.

Temperatures cool back down closer to average for the weekend.

Tonight: Clear Skies...40

Tuesday: Windy, Mild & Mostly Sunny...65

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy - Very Windy...66

Thursday: Rain Likely. Chance T'Storms...65

Friday: 40% chance of Rain...58

Saturday: 40% chance of Rain...50

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