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City-county council to vote on Spring Fiscal funds for demolition at Towne & Terrace

The northeast side community located on 42nd Street and Post Rd. has a troubled past.
Towne and Terrace
Posted at 10:43 PM, May 28, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — On Monday, the city-county council will vote on $3 million dollars in Spring Fiscal funding, that will support tearing down the blighted properties at Towne and Terrace.

The northeast side community located on 42nd Street and Post Rd. has a troubled past.

VIDEO | City works to clean up Town and Terrace neighborhood

City leaders work to clean up neighborhood blight

There are 258 apartment units there.

After more than a decade of legal battle, demolition begun last April at Towne and Terrace.

"And when that legal battle was resolved about 18 months ago, or so, the city, you know, moved in sprung into action," said Senior Policy Adviser for Mayor Joe Hogsett, Aryn Schounce.

VIDEO | Demolition begins at Towne and Terrace

Demolition begins at Towne and Terrace, city takes next steps to reach owners

At that time, the city gained ownership of 106 units through tax sales and liens, but couldn't tear down any more buildings without full ownership.

Throughout this process, the city said it's relocated nearly 60 households.

"We've, you know, been able to speak with residents who've been relocated there in their new homes now. Some have, you know, purchased new homes, others are renting in new locations and we're really, really excited about the stories that they've shared with us about their new homes and the areas that they're living in now where they feel more safe," said Schounce.

Per the city, residents being relocated are receiving rent assistance.

8 buildings will be ready to be knocked down by the end of next month.

VIDEO | Future of troubled apartment complex remains unclear

Future of troubled apartment complex remains unclear

"We've made a lot of progress at Towne and Terrace. Right now, we actually have 59 households who have been relocated. The Department of Metropolitan Development has total site control over six of the buildings, and is set to have control over another two by June of this year. We will have eight buildings ready for demolition by June," Schounce said.

In the meantime, the city is still working with people living there.

"We're really happy with where we are at Towne and Terrace right now. It's been a really difficult project, one that required a lot of coordination, but the team has been working very hard alongside neighborhood leaders as well. The Town and Terrace Homeowners Association has been an excellent partner throughout and we're just working with the residents there and we continue to have our folks who are out there meeting with neighbors all the time and making sure that they have access to everything that they're entitled to," said Schounce.

The total demo costs are estimated at $3.4 million.

The phased demolition project is expected to be completed around Fall of 2025.