City-County Councilor proposes higher minimum wage for city and county employees

Posted at 11:31 AM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 18:38:18-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Any Indianapolis and Marion County employees could earn more money, if an upcoming proposal passes the City-County Council. 

City-County Councilors Maggie Lewis, Zach Adamson, Vop Osili and Leroy Robinson sponsored a proposal to raise the minimum wage for all full-time city and county employees to $13 per hour. 

At a press conference Monday morning, Lewis broke down a couple specifics when it comes to Proposal No. 92. It would affect 365 employees and would cost the city about $450,000 across all agencies. 

"With a budget of $1 billion-plus, I believe this is doable," Lewis said. 

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Bart Brown, the CFO of the City-County Council, said the $450,000 will be absorbed into the $15 million-$20 million returned by the city and the county, which is about 2-3 percent of the budget. 

He also said no more than 50 employees would be impacted by what's known as the compaction problem -- meaning a supervisor currently making $13 an hour would be making the same amount as the people they supervise. Those people would also see an increase.

"That could put the total package above $500,000," Brown said.

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The increase would start on Oct. 1, to allow the transition to take affect.

"if you've been following the City-County Council over the past couple of years, you'd know nothing is easy," Lewis said when asked if she has the votes to pass the proposal. "I think this is a common-sense proposal."