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Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation honors bus driver who confiscated gun last week

On Wednesday, a student was detained after brining a gun on the bus.
Posted at 11:27 PM, Aug 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-15 23:27:08-04

WHITELAND— On Tuesday night, The Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation School Board took time to honor Brent Boltz.

"I thank you so much for your actions. I can’t tell you enough," said Timothy Edsell, the superintendent.

Last Wednesday, Boltz pulled in to Break-O-Day Elementary school like he usually does. He stopped the bus to take attendance when a student told him another student had a gun in their backpack.

"My first thought was I gotta get the gun, my second was is it real, the third one was the safety of the kids I know we say that should be first but that’s going through my mind, gotta get the gun, is it real, kids are safe," said Boltz.

Boltz has been a bus driver for the last two and half years. He says it's his semi-retirement.

"For the kids to get up and go to school everyday is a challenge anyway. The fact that I get to make it fun for them on the way there and to be honest they make it fun for me just means a lot and you can just see the looks in their eyes they appreciate it," said Boltz.

Edsell says its the relationship that Boltz has built with his kids that made one feel comfortable to report the gun.

Boltz says he was able to locate the backpack and the student it belonged to quickly before calling in and having first responders arrive. The next day he had a conversation with them about the incident.

"I let them know if anything like that comes up and they’re involved they need to get with an adult or teacher or whoever immediately and don’t try and take it from them," said Boltz.