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'College Goal Sunday' looks to help students file FAFSA forms

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Posted at 6:45 PM, Feb 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-25 23:10:32-05

INDIANAPOLIS — This year, every high school senior will be required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

This isn’t a bad thing, according to College Goal Sunday co-chair Bill Wozniak.

“Families call us all the time saying, 'I didn't think I was going to get any aid,'” explained Wozniak. “I can't believe how much aid I got.”

Wozniak and his team created and executed College Goal Sunday on February 25 to help students and families navigate the FAFSA filing process.

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“FAFSA is the gateway to almost all types of financial aid,” shared Wozniak. “Taking that sticker price down to the net price and cutting that in half makes a massive difference over time.”

One of the 40 Indiana schools that participated in College Goal Sunday was Lawrence North High School.

“It’s a great day to come in with people who are knowledgeable about all of the new parts of FAFSA,” said Lawrence North’s Director of Counseling, Connie Sivertson. “We want to be right here to help get this important piece of documentation and for all of our college bound students.”

The assistance comes at a crucial point as this year marks the first year that fling a FAFSA form will be required by every high school graduate.

“It's a part of the graduation requirement to get it completed,” said Lawrence North Assistant Principal Donny Mimms. “Some families that I've spoken with today have started but they've hit some hurdles, and they need to get through those barriers to get it completed.”

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FAFSA filing are completed online

Mimms says despite the confusion the new FAFSA rules have caused, it still serves a greater good.

“The FAFSA opens up so many resources and possibilities for students to do some things for themselves and represent their families in ways that they haven't thought of,” Mimms said.

The FAFSA filing deadline is April 15.

For more information on FAFSA filing, click here.