Butler-Tarkington neighborhood celebrates 2 years with no homicides

Posted at 8:28 AM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 11:58:40-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A man in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood is glad to finally hear basketball being played. A couple years ago, it wasn't safe enough to do that.

The neighborhood celebrated two years without a homicide as dozens of people met with police at Tarkington Park Sunday to talk about their success and share strategies for other neighborhoods.

People who live in the area credit the efforts of the Ten Point Coalition getting involved in the community. The Ten Point Coalition walks the streets to try and encourage people to find a life path that doesn't involve crime.

"I lost my son two years ago in 2015 and he was murdered," said Gregory Wilson, a Butler-Tarkington community member. "I understand the challenges these young men have. I understand the challenges these families have, so I've dedicated myself to see how I can help improve the neighborhood."

So far, officials say it's working in Butler-Tarkington. But violence is still a big problem across Indianapolis.

Kevin Rainey, 15, was shot and killed early Saturday morning on Indy's northeast side. People who live in that neighborhood have reached out to the Ten Point Coalition asking for help to make change.

"We're trying to say to them -- we can help bring people to the table but they are gonna have to rally their neighborhoods around this issue of reducing violence and putting people on the pathway to success," Rev. Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition said.

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