End of arrestee transport services to IMPD delayed -- again

Posted at 12:44 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 19:24:46-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Marion County Sheriff's Office will continue arrestee transport services through mid-2018, a sheriff's spokesperson said Thursday. 

On Aug. 14, Marion County Sheriff John Layton informed nearby police departments that MCSO would no longer provide arrestee transport services from arrest sites or security services at Marion County hospitals. The ending of those services was delayed to January 2018, and now has been delayed again to mid-2018.

"I am fully confident that by working with the Council and Controller, we can fine tune the current system to help address the financial demands currently facing the MCSO," Layton said in a release. "For example, today, there are 300 convicted felons in the Marion County Jail system that previously would be serving time at the Indiana DOC. This population stresses the entire MCSO budget. I am very confident that over the next six months, we can figure arrestee services out by working closely together.”

Layton has previously said the reasoning for the end of services had to do with 2018 budget restraints.

"We can't go any longer, we have tried, we have band-aided and can't any longer,” Layton said in August. “They've been running on pride a lot but that doesn't buy bread on the table for their families.”

That means IMPD, Speedway, Lawrence and other Marion County police departments will have to transport their own prisoners to the jail, and provide their own security for detainees being treated at Eskenazi or other hospitals.

An exact date for ending jail transports and hospital services has not been given. 

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