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Several Broad Ripple businesses hit by gunfire after fight

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Posted at 3:48 PM, May 05, 2023

BROAD RIPPLE — A handful of businesses are left cleaning up the mess after gunfire rang out early Friday morning.

A barrage of bullets were sprayed after a police report shows a fight broke out.

Shattered glass litters the sidewalk on Guilford Avenue and Westfield Boulevard in Broad Ripple.

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Surveillance footage captured what sounded like dozens of shots ringing out.

No one was hurt, but businesses weren't so lucky.

Windows in businesses were shot out and there were bullet holes found in others.

One business even had a bullet come all the way through to the kitchen.

Usta Turkish Restaurant got the brunt of the damage.

"This is just a family business. These two guys right here are working so hard to put those two kids in college," Joaquin Parraga said.

Parraga owns the business directly above the restaurant.

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"I found the shell casing around here, everywhere," Parraga said.

Friday afternoon, nearby businesses were lending a helping hand.

"We are community. We have to help each other," Parraga said.

Some people who work in the area say they are fed up with the violence.

"Is it really worth it for you to pull out a gun because you couldn't resolve conflict? It's unfortunate that people take it to the level where they feel like they have to brandish firearms," Jarrett Moore said.

This is just one of a series of crimes that has struck Broad Ripple.

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But, people who live and work there say it's not what Broad Ripple is about.

"People come to enjoy themselves. You see people walking dogs and pushing their kids in strollers. I just don't want people to get the idea that this isn't a place where you can still enjoy yourself," Moore said.

Police did arrest a man in connection with the shooting. He has been charged with criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.