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'Maybe in the future no one will be murdered in my backyard' Delphi property owner sentenced

Charges were unrelated to Delphi deaths
Posted at 1:28 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 22:48:31-04

DELPHI, Ind. -- The owner of the property where two Delphi, Indiana teenagers were found dead in February was sentenced Monday morning on charges unrelated to their deaths.

Ronald Logan was sentenced to two years at the Department of Corrections for operating a vehicle after being a habitual traffic offender. The violation occurred on Feb. 13 when Logan drove to the county dump, the same day Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, went missing before being found dead on his property the next day.

Logan was also sentenced for violating his probation when he drank an alcoholic beverage on Feb. 27. He will get credit for 31 days already served. 

In the courtroom Monday, he said to the judge, "Maybe in the future no one will be murdered in my backyard.”

A friend of Logan's offered this explanation about his statement: "I think he was very stressed over that and upset and he probably did need a beer, I know I would, I would need more than one, so I think he did."

Logan is not facing any charges in connection with the girls’ disappearance or murders. The Carroll County sheriff said he is "still involved" with the investigation, but is not considered a suspect.

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TIMELINE | Disappearance and murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams

German and Williams went missing while hiking near the Monon High Bridge on February 13. Their bodies were found on a private piece of land owned by Logan the following morning. Police have yet to identify their killer.

Police have had to debunk dozens of rumors regarding the case, including multiple recurring ones that connect Logan to the girls’ murders.

DELPHI | A look at the property where the bodies of two missing teen girls were found | ISP call search of Delphi property where teens found dead "a normal course of this investigation"

State and federal authorities executed a search warrant on Logan’s property March 17, which led to new speculation about his connection.  Indiana State Police have continuously said that no arrests have been made, calling the search of Logan’s property "a normal course" of the investigation.

Indiana State Police released a picture of a suspect, which was taken by Liberty on her cell phone. She also captured a man's voice saying "down the hill" during what police call "criminal activity." You can listen to that recording and see the photo below.