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Eastern Hancock students asking for letters from across the country

Essential Skills Students at Eastern Hancock
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Posted at 4:00 AM, Feb 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-01 07:05:05-05

It’s a simple as a stamp and trip to the mailbox.

The essential skills class at Eastern Hancock High School is taking part in a project called 'The Great Mail Race' and they hope to collect letters from every state in the country.

In Jeremy Fewell’s essential skills class they’re always looking for new ways to learn from visiting new places to trying new things.

“I went to the zoo, I went to the children’s museum and in May I want to go to Garfield park,” Preston, a student in the class said.

Now in an effort to learn more about the United States, they need your help.

“We received a letter from a school in Wisconsin saying hey we are participating in The Great Mail Race, and we’d like you to join,” Fewell said.

The Great Mail Race is intended to be between schools. It allows students to share about their state and learn about 49 others.

But for the Eastern Hancock Royals, its grown into something bigger.

“Unexpected to us, it went viral after posting it. And then other people asked if they could send letters from not necessarily being in a school or the great mail race and we thought why not? it gives our children the opportunity to learn about those states and get an opportunity to see how the mail system works,” Fewell said.

“Well, I think we’re going to win,” Michael, a student in the class, said.

Now, the race is on to fill their map.

Fewell hopes to teach his students about how the mail service works.

If you're planning to travel, live in a different state or have family who would like to help you can have them send a letter or postcard with a little information about the state they're in to the Essential Skills Class at Eastern Hancock at:

Essential Skills
10320 E. 250 N
Charlottesville, IN 46117