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21 tips for Go Red for Women to help you stay healthy

Posted at 10:24 AM, Feb 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-08 11:54:59-05

February is American Heart Month, and the American Heart Association is using its Go Red for Women initiative to increase women’s heart health awareness. RTV6 has partnered with the AHA to give you the information you need to take charge of your heart health all month long. To learn more about Go Red for Women, visit, or visit for more of our coverage.

INDIANAPOLIS — The American Heart Association is increasing women's heart health awareness during its Go Red for Women initiative this month.

To help women stay healthy year-round, the association released the following tips:

  • Walk for 15 minutes every day
  • Make an appointment with a doctor to check your cholesterol numbers
  • Set an alarm to go to bed in time to make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Use the following equation to find out what your healthy heart rate is: 220-minus your age
  • Eat colorful vegetables to vary your nutrient spectrum
  • Take problems one step at a time to help reduce stress
  • Play a game of tag with your kids and spouse to get some exercise and help relieve stress
  • Use a food diary or an app to better understand what you are eating
  • If you smoke or vape, set a "quit day" and get healthy snacks
  • While you are watching your favorite shows, walk or jog in place, do yoga, lift weights, or another form of exercise
  • Look for the heart-check mark when you are buying groceries or eating
  • Play with your pets to boost your "happy hormone" output
  • Give your kids bikes, jump ropes, or other active toys instead of things like video games
  • When eating, let your stomach catch up your mouth by pausing between bites
  • Don't dwell on the past, forgive yourself, learn from mistakes, and move on
  • Window shop at every store to help keep you moving in cold weather
  • Limit fat when eating red meat or pork and choose cuts of "loin" or "round"
  • Listen to music or an inspirational podcast when you're driving to reduce stress
  • Have your kids find the healthiest label when buying groceries to help build their nutrition IQ
  • Replace snacks like pretzels and chips for healthier options like 3/4 cup of whole-grain cereal with no sugar
  • Treat physical activity like critical appointments and schedule time for it in your calendar