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Who stops at Monon crosswalk? Pedestrians or vehicles?

Posted at 6:31 AM, Aug 30, 2017

WESTFIELD, Ind. -- The City of Westfield has added new stop signs on 161st Street, near the Monon Trail, meant to increase safety in the area. But instead, many people say the signs have only made it more confusing. 

The stop signs are for pedestrians and bicyclists trying to cross 161st Street. Under the stop signs are the words "Cross traffic does not stop," but vehicles often stop at 161st Street.

Marcy Carson drives past 161st Street and the Monon in Westfield to get to and from work. She takes her son on the trail 3-4 times a week to explore. 

"What's frustrating even more is that they put these new signs up that now confuses the drivers because it says the pedestrian has the right of way," Carson said.

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RTV6 had a crew at the intersection, watching what vehicles and pedestrians would do. We saw multiple vehicles stop for pedestrians, waving for them to enter the crosswalk. 

Despite the confusion, there haven't been any accidents at the crosswalk at 161st Street, Westfield police say. For the system to work smoothly and safely, drivers should pass by cautiously.

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