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Eastern Howard schools returning to town water

Posted at 9:55 AM, Mar 03, 2016

HOWARD COUNTY, Ind. -- Fears of lead in the Eastern Howard Schools have been washed away, according to the Howard County Health Department.

The health department is recommending that the schools return to Greentown Municipal Water "for all purposes, including consumption, effective immediately."

The schools will return to using drinking fountains beginning March 7, Eastern Howard Superintendent Tracy Caddell said in a release.

The water has been shut off since late January, after unsafe levels of lead were discovered in its water.

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The health department also recommended the district make other moves to keep the water safe, including flushing lines, installing filters on drinking fountains and more water testing.

The drinking fountains with pre-1996 pipes will have filtration systems added, but are still available to be used. The two areas where elevated lead areas were found will be unavailable until the filtration systems are added.

Caddell said the district will continue to stock some bottled water for anybody with reservations about the drinking fountains.

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