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'I never met anyone like this man': Friends remember Marcus Robinson, kayaker found on White River

Friends remember Marcus Robinson, one of two kayakers found on White River
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Posted at 10:43 PM, Apr 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-23 22:43:59-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Members of a local gym are remembering their friend who went missing on the White River last week.

"Saturday, before he passed, we spent 2 hours training together. Kind of bittersweet. You know at the time you don't realize that these are our last moments," Sean Eichenberg, Co-Owner of Triumph Boxing & Martial Arts said.

The bodies of 22-year-old Solomon Shirley and 30-year-old Marcus Robinson were found on Monday.

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Tuesday marks one week since search teams started looking for them, after finding their kayaks on the river.

WRTV’s Amber Grigley met with friends of Marcus Robinson who shared how this tragedy is impacting those he inspired.


"We just have to address it. We have to mourn and grieve together and that's when the healing starts," Taylor Deer, Co-Owner of Triumph Boxing & Martial Arts said.

"It's just utter shock, disbelief and then it almost goes to anger. You're angry about the situation. Angry because you lost a close friend," Eichenberg said.

Pain sweeping across Triumph Boxing & Martial Arts Tuesday night.

"We just cared so much for Marcus and for him to be gone it's just difficult," Deer said.

Robinson was one of the two kayakers recovered from the White River on Monday.

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Crews continue search for kayakers missing in the White River

Robinson and Shirley disappeared near Belmont Beach on the city's west side last week.

"You're angry that he was out kayaking, maybe he shouldn't have been. You start to overthink things and then that transitions to more grief. Knowing that life going forward is going to be very different," Eichenberg said.

For Robinson, Triumph Boxing was his life.

"He used it to be in shape mentally and physically. He knew that there were a lot of changes he needed to make in his life, and he used boxing for that," Deer said.

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Those who knew him told Amber, he was truly special.

"I never met anyone like this man. He's incredibly unique. Fearless. He would try anything and anything he did he would put 100% effort into it. He was a guy that as soon as he walked through the door, everyone would smile," Eichenberg said.

A smile, that Deer said he wished he could get just one more day with, to tell Marcus how good of a person he truly was.

"Just one of those moments where you just, you really wish you could get it back because, we just take for granted the people we have in our lives," Deer said.

Friends tell WRTV Marcus and Solomon are cousins.

We reached out to Solomon’s family, but they are not ready to speak.