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MAP: Indiana now has a Tenderloin Trail

Posted at 11:15 AM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 16:08:10-04

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. -- It's summer in Indiana, so of course it's time for some pork tenderloins! 

But did you know Indiana -- and more specifically Hamilton County and parts of Indianapolis -- celebrates #TenderloinTuesday? 

Every Tuesday from June 27-July 25, restaurants are offering specials on Indiana's unofficial state food.

And where can you find these restaurants? Along the Tenderloin Trail, of course. 

Let that sink in. There's a Tenderloin Trail in Indiana.

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And while it's not a literal trail across Hamilton County, you can certainly make your way throughout the county to find the best tenderloin. The Tenderloin Trail is about 50 restaurants in Hamilton County that feature the delicious dish.

Nearly 30 restaurants will have deals on their tenderloins, most with $1 or $2 off a sandwich. 

For more information on the Tenderloin Trail and a map of locations, click here.

According to the Tenderloin Fun Facts page on Hamilton County's website (seriously), there are four types of tenderloin eaters. Consider the following percentages VERY unofficial: 

  • 35 percent: Double stackers - Those who fold or cut the tenderloin in half, getting double the meat in each bite.
  • 29 percent: Go getters - Those who just go for it.
  • 18 percent: Edgers - Those who eat the excess meat that hangs outside the bun.
  • 11 percent: Other

Find your closest eatery serving up delicious tenderloins in the map below. You can also check out a video version of these ways to eat a tenderloin.