New fitness gym in downtown Indianapolis part of Market Street development

Posted at 1:26 PM, Oct 19, 2017
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INDIANAPOLIS --  A new fitness center is coming to the downtown Indianapolis area.  The corner spot of the ground floor of The Artistry building on Market and New Jersey Streets will be the new home for an Orangetheory Fitness location. 

“There are so many young professionals, so many people, downtowners, that live or work downtown that can absolutely utilize this location,” explains Katie Douglas, Owner, Orangetheory Greenwood and Downtown Indy.  “I just feel like it is growing right here.  We will be located right across the street from the new Whole Foods and we are right across from Cummins.”

Former WNBA Fever basketball player Katie Douglas recently opened an Orangetheory Fitness location in Greenwood.  After much success there, Douglas decided it was time to open another exercise studio in a bustling area that is currently experiencing major development growth. 

“I love being a pioneer, it has kind of been my M.O. my entire career in athletics,” said Douglas about her new studio location on East Market Street and the surrounding area.   “Just kind of starting something, being part of something, and building that up.  I am really excited we choose this location and to be part of that movement of Market Street going east.”

Orangetheory Fitness is a one-hour total body workout where the members will train in five heart rate zones during heart rate-based interval training.  The classes are prepared for all fitness levels with a professional and certified coach in every workout to encourage and guide the class along.  

“We are results driven and Orangetheory is science based.  Science tells us at 12 to 20 minutes at 84 percent or more of  our maximum heart rate, you are going to experience after burn which essentially means you are going to be burning calories 24 up to 36 hours post workout,” said Douglas.  “So they can always come in the door knowing they are going to get an awesome workout.”

Douglas says the upbeat group class generally burns about 400 to 600 calories for females and males can burn anywhere between 600 to 1000 calories every single workout.  The classes are designed in interval training with a focus to burn calories and have that “after burn” as well. 

The location downtown is under construction, but an office is set up on New Jersey Street where interested members are welcome to come in and meet with Orangetheory trainers and discuss membership options. “Founding members,” who are people who pre-reserve membership spots at the new studio before they open, can take part in pre-sale opportunities at discounted rates.  Founding members can also take part in generating the class schedule and options available for the calendar. 

“This is going to be a different demographic with a more urban location, we are totally going to listen to our members and try to create a class schedule that is beneficial for all our members,” said Douglas.

Typically, Orangetheory locations have seven to 10 classes a day during the work-week with classes starting at 5 a.m. and running every hour with 10 to 15 minute breaks between classes.  Douglas says they are currently discussing an option for 45 minute classes during people’s typical lunch hour during the week.  The design plan for the new facility includes four showers for members to be able to clean up and get ready for the rest of their day right after class. 

“If you feel like you are a coach that is encouraging, motivating, and can multi-task, then I encourage you to come bring your resume to our downtown office and apply to be a coach,” said Douglas.

Currently, Douglas is actively searching for professional fitness coaches. Qualifications include group exercise experience or personal training experience and one national certification.

“I grew up in Indianapolis, went to Perry Meridian High School, played professional basketball, won a championship for the WNBA Fever,” said Douglas.  “I got turned onto Orangetheory as a professional athlete and fell in love first and foremost as a member.  Then decided to open one, open one in my hometown and I have never made more of a great decision of opening my first studio in Greenwood.   Now I am so excited to reconnect with my downtown family here.  I love everything about Orangetheory and I am super excited to bring this awesome fitness franchise to downtown Indianapolis.”

Click here for more information on Orangetheory Fitness and the new downtown Indianapolis location.

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