Indy man takes pothole problem into his own hands

Posted at 7:56 AM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 08:32:38-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- One Indianapolis man sick of seeing potholes all over the city took the problem into his own hands and became a pothole vigilante, of sorts.

Quinn Daily, a Lyft driver in Indy, said he got tired of hitting so many this season.

"When the cars are trying to avoid all the potholes they end up swerving around," he said. "Maybe out of their lane, maybe into oncoming traffic, so I was trying to cut down on people swerving at the last second." 

Quinn made a YouTube video called "Dear Indianapolis," where he painted around the potholes near 28th Street and College Avenue with bright pink spray paint. 

It started as a joke, kind of "look how many potholes there are," but then something interesting happened.

"People are slowing down more and actually avoiding them," he said. "I'm actually doing good!" 

After spray painting more potholes, he actually ran out.

"Literally too many holes for me to even paint," he said. I'm not even fixing them, I'm just painting around them. Pull your s*** together."

After Daily's video, Department of Public Works crews patched 28th and College as part of the pothole blitz. 

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But a warning to anybody else: Being a "pothole vigilante" is illegal, and you could face a fine.

Watch his video in the video player above.  

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