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Keep your pets inside during cold snap

Posted at 2:31 PM, Jan 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-29 15:06:20-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The extreme cold Central Indiana is shivering through this week has Bill Bowling concerned.

Bowling is an Indianapolis Animal Care Services Officer, part of a team that responds to calls of pets left out in the cold.

"Unfortunately, it happens every year," said Bowling. "We find deceased dogs that froze to death. We find dogs in bad conditions, borderline about to die because they've been left out in the cold."

In Indianapolis, it is illegal to leave your pet outside when it drops below 20 degrees or there is a wind chill warning in effect.

"We're asking community members to watch out for other animals that might be at risk and call in if they do see animals at risk," said Kristen Lee," Public Information Officer for Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

The number to call is: 317-327-1397

According to Lee, the Indianapolis shelter is taking in more animals as the temperatures drops.

As a result, the shelter is running out of room.

90 animals were adopted over the weekend, but another 80 were brought in.
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