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Spend a weekend in Indy's 'famously outlandish' Kessler Mansion

Spend a weekend in Indy's 'famously outlandish' Kessler Mansion
Posted at 9:50 AM, Aug 28, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- Before you could only gawk when driving or walking past it, but now you can live in Indianapolis' extravagant and outlandish Kessler Mansion -- but maybe just for a weekend. 

The 9,000-square-foot Kessler Mansion is listed on AirBnb for about $450 per night, for a minimum of three nights. Add in the cleaning and service fees, and you're looking at about $1,700 for a weekend stay to split with up to nine of your friends.

The mansion, located at 4923 Kessler View Drive, was part of an estate sale in October 2015. In 2012, it was listed for sale at $2.2 million. 

On the AirBnb, the host lists the house as a "furnished mansion for short or long term lease."

It has a pool house, game room, poker room, Asian room, lounge room, sun room an 85,000-gallon pool and five (!) fireplaces.

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The house is special, but not without its problems, if you believe the reviews on AirBnb. Many complained about electrical or heating issues and broken windows around the house.