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Indy's new Clinician-led Community Response program will respond to mental health 911 calls

Posted at 10:14 PM, May 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-16 11:28:33-04

INDIANAPOLIS — On Monday, the city of Indianapolis announced the details of the new $2 million, Clinician-Led Community Response (CLCR) program.

The CLCR program, approved by the City-County Council in 2022, will engage with residents in their time of need to "reduce unnecessary entanglement in the criminal justice system."

The City said the initial CLCR teams will operate out of the City-County Building. They will respond to 911 calls that meet the criteria outlined by emergency services.

The first phase of the program will include four teams, comprised of a clinical supervisor, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a peer specialist.

The Moser family tells WRTV this program could have saved their son.

"Adam would still be alive," Adam's Mother Liz Moser said.

A week before his 40th birthday, Adam Moser was having a mental health crisis. His wife, called 911 after he expressed suicidal thoughts.


"He was shot 5 times," his Father Jay Moser said.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Department in Florida took the call. Police reports say Adam lunged at the deputies with two knives, ultimately leading to his death. No criminal charges were filed against the officer involved.

The Moser's say there could have been a different outcome.

"We deserve better. We deserve not being treated like we just robbed a 7-11," Liz said.

Adam was a Navy Veteran, who struggled with PTSD and mental health, according to his family.

They believe if a program like CLCR had been in place, Adam would still be alive today.

"Hopefully when mental health professionals are responding we won't have these outcomes," Jay said.

The city says CLCR teams will work three day, 10-hour shifts with varying hours, depending on the volume of calls.

Call data will continue to be collected and analyzed to ensure the full efficacy of the team.

When fully staffed, CLCR will operate on a 24-hour, 7-day per week rotation in Downtown and East IMPD Districts.

The city says Stepping Stone is currently training clinicians and anticipates launching teams over the coming weeks.