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Irvington Plaza neighbors welcome developer after years of crime, homelessness and vacancy

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Posted at 5:31 PM, Sep 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-15 07:55:47-04

IRVINGTON — A site in Irvington that's been a topic of conversation for years could be getting a face lift.

Irvington Plaza has been hit by violence, homelessness and trash.

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But word of a developer moving in has neighbors feeling excited.

People who live in the area tell WRTV they've been working to revitalize the neighborhood, but say that revitalization can only go so far with the eye sore right out their front doors.

"All of us are trying really hard in this area to create a space where we really want to live. So to have this thing here it's kind of like the anomaly in our direct area. It's really hard especially for safety and things," neighbor Jessica Taylor said.

The property houses the site of an old Marsh. Now covered in graffiti, boarded up windows, and weeds.

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You'll find just about the same throughout the whole plaza that's now nearly vacant.

"It just needs to go. Something needs to happen with that property," neighbor Jeff Stafford said.

Stafford has lived in Irvington for 10-years and says he has seen the property diminish.

"The Pennsy trail that they put in. All the money that the city put into it. You gotta walk through a lot of nasty to see all that nice," Stafford said.

The city has tried to help the property in recent years.

The city-county council recently approved Irvington Plaza/Brookville Road as a TIF area.

The TIF will allow taxes collected from that area to stay in Irvington.

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The city says the new taxes from the area will allow city planners and community leaders to:

  • Invest in pedestrian-focused infrastructure along the Pleasant Run and Pennsy Trails
  • Improve facilities and amenities of Ellenberger Park, Irvington Circle, and Christian Park
  • Enhance strategic infrastructure along Washington Street BRT corridor
  • Align funding for Irvington Plaza redevelopment

"We've looked at opportunities to try and redevelop the property. The city of Indianapolis brought in the urban land institute to do a study to try and help figure how to move it forward," City-county councilman Jason Larrison said.
Neigbors say they hope that the plaza can get a much needed overhaul.

"The plaza, it's been a bit of a problem for sure. We definitely want to see it be used as a space that we can enjoy and feel safe going through," neighbor Nolan Lichti said.

A new developer says they're working to do just that.

Tallen Capital Partners, LLC announced they want to move forward with redeveloping Irvington Plaza.

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In a statement, the developer said they are hoping to, "improve, enhance, and reposition this antiquated shopping center."

The developer says they also want the community feedback. They add they are filing a new plat map to create possible outparcel leasing opportunities.

Councilman Larrison said he hopes it actually happens.

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"Saying it and doing it those are two different things. Really the proof is going to be over these next weeks and months how the developer chooses to engage and how neighborhood feedback impacts their current plans," Larrison said.

Tallen Capital Partners, LLC full statement can be seen below.

Tallen Capital Partners, LLC is working to move forward on redeveloping and repositioning Irvington Plaza for various compelling reasons. We see an opportunity to improve, enhance and reposition this antiquated shopping center.

The Irvington Community has a rich and cherished history with a wonderful residential base, strong sense of community and attractive craftsman style architecture. Our strategic objective is to repurpose and reposition the Irvington Plaza into an attractive amenity to the residents, employers, employees, and visitors of Irvington alike. We plan to survey residents in the coming weeks to determine what the community would like to see in the Plaza. We see several voids in the marketplace and will work to attract the types of businesses to the property that reduce retail sales leakage to other communities and increase the local sales tax base as applicable.

Currently, we are filing a new plat map to create possible outparcel leasing opportunities fronting East Washington St. The site has many challenges in its current condition; however, the site also has several advantages as it is in the Irvington/Brookfield TIF District. IndyGo recently informed us that Irvington Plaza will be served by a Blue Line stop by 2027.

Tallen Capital Partners regularly acquires and redevelops underperforming retail and commercial properties with high barriers to entry on a national basis and the Irvington Plaza is no exception. Representative examples of Tallen Capital’s successful repositioning and redevelopment projects include the “Trophy Bay Area” Rossmoor Shopping Center in Walnut Creek, CA, See’s Candies in Citrus Heights, CA, the Marina Landing Shopping Center located on the historic Monterey Peninsula and our new 17-acre golf residential community located adjacent to the well-regarded Pete Dye Golf Course in French Lick, IN.
Tallen Capital Partners, LLC

Tallen is holding a public meeting for community members to hear about the project and offer feedback.

The first meeting will be Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Irvington United Methodist Church.