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IU Health takes on more energy saving initiatives

Posted at 11:44 PM, May 16, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — One local hospital system says it's trying to reduce its carbon footprint in hopes it could improve your health.

IU Health says all of the sophisticated medical equipment isn't what uses the most energy; it's the boilers and chillers in the basement.

The hospital system's energy team is replacing them with more efficient versions over the next few years. They are also putting in $2 million worth of LED lights this year to cut electricity costs.

The energy savings at Methodist Hospital alone is the equivalent to removing 2,500 cars from the road.

"So not only good medical outcomes but also having a healthy environment, a healthy state for all of us to live in," Rick Hood, Vice President of system support services at IU Health, said.

"As the largest health provider in Indiana, we have a role to play in that," Hood said.

The IU Health energy team is also starting programs for cardboard recycling and food composting. Energy saving initiatives will be put into place at all 17 IU Health hospitals.