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Jacquelyn Watts: Indy woman found dead in Columbus was animal activist

Posted at 10:34 AM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 14:42:09-05

COLUMBUS, Ind. -- Jacquelyn Watts, the Indianapolis woman found dead in Columbus, Indiana Sunday, will be missed not only by her human family and friends, but by the animals she loved as well.

Watts was on the board of directors for IndyCLAW Rescue, a pet rescue and adoption service in Indianapolis. The rescue center posted a photo collage and a story about Watts. The story showed her compassion and patience for animals. 

Jackie was always taking home the really sick bunnies that she could nurture back to health, and if that wasn't possible, she would many times keep them to their end. Even adopting a pair post mortem that she so dearly loved and nursed until they died. Just yesterday, Jackie was sitting on the floor of the Bunny Barn trying to help me give fluids to a long time bunny we believe to have cancer. Like me, Jackie discovered poor Laverne was like Swiss cheese and the fluids would just not stay with her. Jackie loved on Laverne and apologized to her for not taking her home this past week, so Laverne could see what it was like being in a real home.

The post also says the center had to put Laverne down on Saturday. They asked Laverne to tell Watts they all love her and will never forget what she did for the center and the animals.

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Watts, 33, was in Columbus to drop off her dogs at her parents' house. She was found on a sandbar in the Flat Rock River.

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IndyCLAW (stands for Creating Life-long Animal Welfare) is a private shelter that focuses primarily on pet rabbits. 

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