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'Love is Blind' Promotion looks to boost Pet Adoptions

Indianapolis Animal Care Services looks to increase adoptions by playing matchmaker
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Posted at 7:17 PM, Feb 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-13 19:17:27-05

INDIANAPOLIS— This valentine’s day may become the best one yet for those in Indianapolis looking to adopt a four-legged friend.

The Indianapolis Animal Care Services division is hosting a 'Love is Blind' adoption promotion to increase adoptions.

“We were looking for some new and creative way to really showcase the many wonderful dogs that we have available for adoption here,” explained Interim Deputy Director Kelly Diamond.

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“Anyone who's interested in participating can go on our social media page, and find a link to a special application for our love is blind promotion. Fill that out and select a date and a time that they would like to come in for their blind day, our adoption, matchmakers will then kind of find two to three dogs that we think would be a perfect match for them.”

The form gives people the opportunity to find the perfect dog based on their preferred lifestyles.

“What is their lifestyle is their energy level of their home,” asked Diamond.

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“What are they looking for in the dog? Do they want like a couch potato or very energetic dog? Also, you know, looking at size, gender, just really any information that they can share that will help us make that perfect match.”

The promotion was only supposed to last a couple of days but after such an overwhelming response, IACS elected to keep it going through The weekend.

“We're getting a lot of applications coming in,” said Diamond.

“We're really excited to see and when this was all over how successful it is, and just kind of have a little fun with it.”

People who want to partake in the Love is Blind adoption promotion can by visiting this link.