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Report: no further lead contamination investigation needed after Bloomington controlled burn

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Posted at 4:39 PM, Dec 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-13 16:39:50-05

BLOOMINGTON — More than a month after a controlled burn of a home with lead-based paint as part of a firefighter training exercise, a third party reportsays further investigation is not needed.

The report says samples of air, surface dust, surface soil and leaf litter collected nearby did not exhibit lead contamination in excess of state and federal standards.

A total of 110 properties were impacted by the fire when ash and other debris, including visible paint chips, were blown into a nearby neighborhood by the wind.

VET Environmental Engineering collected 13 area air samples, 33 XRF samples, 56 confirmatory soil samples and two leaf litter samples over a ten day period.

The report says no lead was detected in air samples, lead detections in soil did not exceed the applicable regulatory screening criteria and leaf litter did not show detections of lead.

"It is VET’s professional opinion that further investigation of lead contamination at the Site is not warranted," the report read.

Blood samples from firefighters at the site and residents who got tested did not indicate any elevated levels of lead, according to the City of Bloomington and the Monroe County Health Department.

The Bloomington Fire Department invites residents with concerns about elevated lead levels to request an appointment for finger-prick blood testing at BFD headquarters (226 South College Avenue) through December 17 at 812-332-9763.

More information about the City’s actions in response to the controlled burn is available here.

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