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Mooresville Council declares town is First and Second Amendment sanctuary

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Posted at 2:36 PM, May 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-05 21:08:32-04

MOORESVILLE — The Mooresville Town Council approved two resolutions Tuesday night that declare the community is a "sanctuary town" for the First and Second Amendments.

Each of the resolutions introduced by Councilman Shane Williams passed by a 4-1 vote. Williams said at Tuesday's meeting he sponsored the resolutions after speaking to members of the community.

"A lot of people have serious concerns about an overreaching federal government," he said. "They see things like cancel culture. They see things like people being punished for their political speech. They see an assault on their Second Amendment."

One of the resolutions states Mooresville will be a "First Amendment Sanctuary" that opposes government actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest that curtail religious activities, encourage television networks to "limit facts," promote "cancel culture" and prevent groups of people from assembling.

The other said Mooresville is a "Second Amendment Sanctuary" that opposes the use of public funds to infringe upon people's right to bear arms.

"I get tired of the only solutions to gun violence being punishing innocent, law-abiding gun owners, and I think it's wrong. I don't think it solves a single amount of crime," Williams said at the meeting. "And I just want to send a message to the community that I, for one, am willing to stand up in any way I can to prevent an overreaching federal government."

"It came down to a simple question, yes or no, do you support the First or Second Amendment and we voted the way we felt," said Councilman Jeff Cook.

The single no vote was cast by Councilman Greg Swinney. Swinney said he voted against the resolutions because he felt it would bring unwanted attention to Mooresville.

“I’m like minded with everybody that was in the room last night whole heartedly but I’ve kind of been vilified for not wanting to state it publicly and tell the world," he said, "I probably ruffled some feathers but I don’t go against my standards.

Residents in favor of the resolution appreciated it was brought forward and passed.

“Everybody has a right to freedom of speech. Our founding fathers worked hard for that. Our warriors are fighting for that and our second amendment, as long as you’re legal, everybody has a right to bear arms," Nick Meko, of Mooresville, said.

It was noted in the meeting that Mooresville is the first town in Indiana to adopt a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution, while one-third of the state's counties, including Morgan County, currently have resolutions on the books.

Council members Williams, Cook, Dustin Stanley and Tom Warthen voted in favor of each resolution, while Swinney opposed both.

Watch Tuesday's meeting below: