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Photographer donates work back to Johnson Co. Cancer Care Center where he is treated

Dan Cook donates art work back to facility where he receives treatment
Posted at 7:17 AM, Feb 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-07 07:18:54-05

INDIANAPOLIS — It’s nearly impossible to put a positive spin on cancer treatments, but the Johnson Memorial Hospital Cancer Care Center is adding a bright spot.

“When people hear the word cancer center, it's a mental block for them to get through,” oncologist Stephen Eberwine said.

The center provides cancer care to individuals in the Franklin community.

“The initial diagnosis of a cancer that is a it's really difficult for the just for the human mind,” Eberwine said. “Our brains tend to think of oh, we're going to live forever and then once you're going to face your mortality that is a that's a shock.”

The Cancer Care Center welcomes patients fighting for their life every day.

Photographer Dan Cook is a patient receiving treatment for mild dysplastic syndrome.

“(MDS is) where bone marrow isn't working very efficiently in terms of producing new red blood cells,” Eberwine said. “He needs help making red blood cells as well as helping to support him when they get too low.”

While receiving treatment, Cook noticed a lack of color on the walls.

"The walls are all brown back there,” Cook said. “It was just gloomy, like a dark tunnel. And, and my artwork, my photographs are very bright and colorful. And I knew that it would brighten it up."

"It really is added a splash of color,” Eberwine said. “The just the touch of joy here to this cancer center."

Doctor Eberwine feels as if Cook’s work has been inspirational.

"It really added a splash of color and just the just the touch of joy here to this cancer center," Eberwine said.

For Cook, it’s all given him a new perspective.

"I tried to keep a smile on my face and this project this year takes my mind off my problems,” Cook said. “You know when you're sometimes dealt lemons you just tried to make lemonade out of it.”