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'Deputy Koontz sacrificed his life beside me'

Posted at 1:45 PM, Mar 22, 2016

HOWARD COUNTY, Ind. -- Deputy Carl Koontz worked overtime past his normal hours on the night in which he was shot, Howard County Sheriff Steve Rogers said in a press conference Tuesday.

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"He wanted to be there to assist the other officers in the service of that warrant," Rogers said. "That is who Deputy Koontz was. That is who these people are."

On behalf of the family, Cpl. Justin Hartley gave a statement, thanking those who have offered support.

"Today we want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has prayed, sent messages, flowers, and shown their love to the Koontz family. He will always be a hero to all of us. His legacy will live forever. He will always be remembered as Howard County 3476."

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For the first time since Sunday's shooting, Howard County Sgt. Jordan Buckley spoke publicly about the incident that claimed Koontz's life.

"This is about Deputy Car Koontz," he said. "Yesterday after being released from the hospital, I walked into my house with my wife and kids. Carl will not be doing that. Deputy Koontz sacrificed his life beside me, which is the reason I stand here today. I will be eternally grateful for his actions, and every day when I put on my uniform, I will wear it with pride for both of us."

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Despite the tragedy, the Howard County Sheriff's Department won't stop serving warrants. The department serves about 20 per day.

"The service of every warrant is dangerous to us," Rogers said. "We take a lot of precaution but it's a natural thing we do every day. ... We have to carry on from here."

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