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'The streets are terrible': Residents plead with the city for years to fix potholes

Quail Ridge Neighborhood in Pike Township
Posted at 11:40 PM, May 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-08 01:13:54-04

INDIANAPOLIS --- A Pike Township Neighborhood is pleading for the city to fix potholes they say are plaguing their roads. The frustrated residents called a meeting with their City-Councilor Tuesday to help make a change.

“I can’t even take a cup of coffee to work with me because it spills all over the place before you get the corner. It’s so rough,” said Brad Crandall.

Pothole Problems

Crandall is one of dozens of residents who’ve called the neighborhood home for decades and have had to dodge potholes every time they drive on Echo Court and Echo Way to get to and from their homes.

“The streets are terrible. I have called endless times probably since the last three years trying to reach the mayor’s office,” added Marie Nelson-Rahman who’s lived in the neighborhood for 38 years.

Many in the neighborhood those calls for a permanent solution have gone unanswered.

Quail Ridge neighborhood pleading for pothole fix

Resident Julie Young said she’s called the Mayor’s office numerous of times and has been told they don’t have the budget to fix problem or it’s not on the schedule for the year.

“They’ll come out and they just throw more asphalt into a hole and it’s just a matter of days of traffic action it before it breaks it up again,” Crandall explained.

“They need to appropriate the funds for places like our location here that really need to be redone but not just a little band aid,” Adriana Escoto.

Escoto is also a fed up resident in the neighborhood.

She helped organize Tuesday night’s meeting with their District’s City- Councilor Dr. Carlos Perkins.

“The neighborhood is almost 40 years0old, and they have not seen a lot of road improvement,” said Councilor who represents District 6. So, as the councilor my commitment is to share their concerns and work with the department of public works to see what we can do to address them.”

Quail Ridge neighborhood pleading for pothole fix

Dozens who showed Tuesday hope the last-ditch effort will help fix the pothole problems.

“Maybe he can contact the council or whoever and maybe we can get it done hopefully real soon. I know everybody is sick and tired of it,” added resident Julie Young.

Councilor Perkins also said he’ll work with DPW to prioritize three roads in the neighborhood to repair.

Residents at that meeting put Echo Way, Echo Court, and Echo Lane at the top of the list.

They will work to repair those first and then look to others.

Council Perkins also urged residents to download the app Request Indy to report potholes.