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Thief takes 1600 gaming cards from Brownsburg small business

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Posted at 11:20 PM, May 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-19 23:20:00-04

BROWNSBURG — Thousands of dollars worth of gaming cards were stolen from a Brownsburg small business early Friday morning.

Inside Valkyrie's Vault, it's a gamers fantasy land.

Jessi Kahlo, the co-owner of the store says they sell just about any board game or collectible.

What happened Friday morning just after 3am wasn't a game.

"It was very clear that they probably had visited the store and probably scoped out exactly what they were going to come in for," Kahlo said.

A thief broke into the store though the side door, and can be seen on camera shoving binders of cards in a pizza bag before making a swift exit.

Kahlo says the person was in and out in under a minute.

The thief stole 1600 Magic the Gathering cards.

The cards are used in a competitive game to battle other players.

They can range in value, some are worth thousands of dollars.

"I've never had to deal with anything like this," she said. "The impact of this is absolutely detrimental to my husband and I and all of the progress we've built over the last three years."

Kahlo says this is becoming a growing trend gaming stores are seeing across the country.

She says it's because the cards aren't able to be traced.

The store's owners have been working on their collection for years.

Kahlo's husband started collecting in 1994, and has been trading and selling ever since.

"They're valuable because they're old. Because they're rare because they're hard to get a hold of," Kahlo said.

For now the owners are leaning on other local businesses who are stepping up to help anyway they can.

They hope soon the thief will be caught.

Kahlo says other gaming store are keeping an eye out for the cards to be sold.

If you know anything you're asked to call Brownsburg Police.