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TIMELINE: Killing of mother, son in Zionsville

Posted at 12:45 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 18:30:37-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Katherine Giehll and her 4-year-old son Raymond were shot and killed in their Zionsville home on Wednesday. Police named Giehll's uncle, Lucius Hamilton, the suspect.

Here is a timeline of how the events of that day unfolded:

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8 a.m. Lucius Hamilton enters the Giehll’s house on Old Hunt Club Road in Zionsville. Katherine Giehll sends her husband, Raymond Giehll III, a text that Hamilton was at their home. After Giehll is not able to reach his wife on the phone,  he accesses his in-home cameras with his cell phone. He notices Hamilton inside his home, and after several more failed attempts to reach Katherine, he drives to the house. He arrives home to find his wife and son dead, and immediately calls 911. Giehll tells the 911 operator that Hamilton had been inside the home. 

8:52 Police arrive at house in Zionsville to find Katherine and her 4-year-old son dead. They had both been shot. The son, Raymond Giehll, was shot once while he was watching TV.

9:30: Lucius Hamilton checks out a vehicle from Wabash College, a white 2013 Dodge van. Hamilton was serving as the college's major gifts officer.

11:10: Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen updates the public on the killings and the investigation, saying that it’s being investigated as a double homicide. “This is a very tragic event,” he said. ”As you can understand, this is a serious matter, and we need to handle it perfectly.”

11:30: Detectives are given video surveillance footage of Hamilton's Saab SUV leading the Giehll's home. Exterior surveillance cameras on the Giehll's home record to a DVR. Investigators are able to positively identify Hamilton by checking the record DVR. Investigators also learn of a substantial family trust that the victims and Hamilton were beneficiaries of. 

12:30: Police are seen on the campus of Wabash College. They are searching for any sign of suspect Lucius Hamilton. Campus is locked down as police search the area. It is determined that Hamilton drove his Saab to the school and then checked out a work van. 

1:10: Police announce that Hamilton is the primary suspect. They release a description and photo of him. Classes are canceled at Wabash College.

2:00: Police release information on the Giehll family. Hamilton is first identified as the uncle of Katherine.

3:00: Police track Hamilton down to a room on the fourth floor of a hotel on Market Street in downtown Indianapolis. It is unknown when Hamilton checked into the room. When attempting to make contact, police heard gunshots coming from inside the room. The all-clear signal is given at Wabash College.

3:30: Police find Hamilton dead in the hotel room from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

4:47: Call 6 Investigates learns inheritance money had to do with the motive of the Zionsville murders.

Wednesday night autopsies are done on Katherine and Raymond IV by the Boone County Coroner's Office. The Coroner's Office says Mrs. Giehll was shot three times and Raymond was shot once. 


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