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'I'm nervous, but I'm also confident': Indiana native living in Ukraine shares experience during conflict

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Posted at 7:19 PM, Mar 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-01 19:19:45-05

KYIV, Ukraine — A Central Indiana native is sharing his experience of living in Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine Conflict.

"I can't even describe [the experience right now] because it's something you would never really expect," Clinton Nix said.

Nix is originally from Indianapolis and says he and his wife were living a peaceful life and enjoying their time in Ukraine. He tells WRTV what it was like to hear the news that Russia was invading.

"I was so angry. It was like an anger I've never experienced before ... I was more angry than afraid just because it's like I kinda consider it also my home," Nix said.

At one point, Nix was in a bomb shelter in Kyiv and when he went outside, he began hearing shooting and ran back inside.

"It was a close call ... you're like filled with adrenaline," Nix said. "I'm nervous and filled with all these emotions but I'm also confident that something will work out."

Nix has moments of sadness when he sees what's happening and other times he feels desperate.

"Just think of [Ukraine] as a peaceful country that is defending their freedom, their democracy," he said. "The Ukrainian people - they're not panicking, they never freaked out. I think it's just because they're so used to this. It's a long history of oppression from the Russian leaders going back hundreds of years and just to see them reacting the way that they are is pretty inspiring."

Nix's wife is Ukranian and they don't want to leave, but say they will leave if necessary. They hope the country returns to some level of peace.

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