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Art students' eclipse posters to be showcased throughout the city for big event

Posted at 4:20 PM, Apr 03, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-03 16:21:56-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Local Indiana University students are commemorating the much-anticipated solar eclipse through art.

Students Frances Dimaranan, Ines Galindo and Marissa Eckert worked with Professor Amrita Datta at Herron School and Art and Design, Indiana University Indianapolis, who advised on their designs in an independent study course.

Music and the city inspired the three students to create unique posters for rare event.

“I wanted people to think that this was, wow, like a jazz poster,” said Galindo, a junior at Herron School of Art and Design. “I chose that song, I was like, it's only valid for me to go with the Madam Walker Theatre.”

'Moondance' Ines Galindo

“I chose the Indianapolis Arts Garden because I really liked the shape of the dome, and contrast to the circle of the sun and the moon” added junior Dimaranan.


Frances Dimaranan 'Here comes the sun'

“I chose the canal. It was one of the first spots that my family and I visited when I moved to Indy, three-years-ago,” explained senior Eckert.

'Black Hole Sun'

The project is a collaboration between the art school and Visit Indy.

It’s a way to immortalize the once-in-a lifetime event expected to attract nearly 100,000 visitors to the city.

“All of the thousands of visitors that will be traveling through the Indianapolis Airport are coming downtown to Lunacy at White River State Park where their posters will also be on display there. There are so many opportunities to showcase their incredible work," said Morgan Snyder, with Visit Indy.

“Only my classmates and professors get to see my work. So, getting that new set of eyes is definitely a big deal for me,” added Galindo.

The biggest goal of the posters is to reimagine people's experience of the eclipse — while showcasing the talent of the young Indy artists behind the designs.

Posters by, from left, Frances Dimaranan, Ines Galindo and Marissa Eckert

“To have so much faith in us as students and designers, and give us the voice and just to be able to show up our work. It's a really great experience,” said Eckert.

The posters took the students months to make. 6,000 of them were printed.

They are available at the Indianapolis Airport for visitors for free and will also be handed out at the Lunacy event at White River State Park.

“I’m really happy that I'm a part of it. I'm really thankful that my professors trust me with this project, and I can represent Indianapolis,” added Dimaranan.

“Knowing that a bunch of people also have a piece of work that I have is going to give me that same heartwarming feeling, like I made that. That's very special,” said Galindo.

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