Braun introduces Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act to better prosecute animal crimes

Posted at 11:28 AM, Sep 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-17 11:28:02-04

INDIANAPOLIS – It could be easier for justice officials to prosecute federal animal cruelty crimes under a bill introduced by Sen. Mike Braun, R-Indiana.

Braun and four other senators introduced the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act, which creates a dedicated office for the enforcement of animal cruelty statutes within the Department of Justice.

The bill also requires the Department of Justice to report annually on the enforcement of animal cruelty statutes.

“America has recently taken big steps to crack down on animal cruelty with new laws to protect animals from torture and abuse, but we need further action to ensure these laws are being enforced across the country and track our progress in eradicating animal cruelty,” Braun said. “The Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act would create a dedicated Animal Cruelty Crimes Section at the Department of Justice to help bring those who abuse animals to justice and includes reporting measures to track our progress.”

The other senators co-sponsoring the proposal are Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RH, John Kennedy,R-LA, Martha McSally,R-AZ, and Richard Blumenthal, D-CT.