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New grants could help destigmatize addiction in Indiana

Posted at 12:02 PM, Apr 26, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers struggling with addiction could get more help than before, thanks to new grants to addiction recovery centers across the state.

Senate Bill 33 creates a grant fund to help “comprehensive addition recovery centers,” organizations that help treat people suffering from addiction.

To be eligible for the grants, the centers must have the full continuum of treatment services, like withdrawal management medication, residential care, and peer support services.

One of those locations could be Centerstone, a nationwide behavioral health and recovery organization with an Indiana chapter.

Suzanne Koesel, the regional Indiana CEO of Centerstone, believes this bill could help reduce the stigma around addiction.

“This bill and this model really looks at different kinds of support that are incredibly helpful for helping people not just to get treatment, but to build the tools they need to manage their illness long-term,” she said. “We’ve seen that really happen nicely with cancer care and with diabetes care and heart care.”

Any organization that receives a grant must submit data to the state on the work it’s done, and the effectiveness of the interventions.