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The race for Indiana governor: Where do John Gregg and Eric Holcomb stand on the issues?

Posted at 1:28 PM, Nov 02, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- When Mike Pence joined Donald Trump as his VP on the Republican ticket, his Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb was the party's choice to run for Indiana governor.  Democrat John Gregg is in the final stretch of his second campaign for governor.  

Here's where they both stand on campaign issues:


  • Gregg wants to implement a Workshare program
  • Businesses could reduce employee hours during an economic downturn instead of laying off workers
  • Unemployment would supplement reduction in pay
  • Seeks to eliminate the 21st Century Research and Technology Fund which supports high-tech entrepreneurs
  • Would use $40 million to help Indiana-based startups. Companies would have to stay in Indiana or give up the money they’ve received.
  • Holcomb wants to continue the $1 billion entrepreneurship plan started by Gov. Mike Pence.
  • Intends to grow the Regional Cities Initiative which gives more than $100 million to cities in north central, northeast and southwest Indiana to work together on development plans.


  • Holcomb and Gregg support a state-funded pre-K program
  • Holcomb’s plan focuses on incentivizing workforce training and building skills
  • Gregg wants to bring a focus on education and teaching back to classrooms


  • Gregg wants to repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  • Holcomb has said he has “zero tolerance” for discrimination


  • Gregg wants to reinvest in Indiana's roads, highways, and bridges
  • Plans to create a long-term, dedicated funding source to leverage $3.2 billion to improve state and local roads and bridges
  • Holcomb also wants a long-term infrastructure solution
  • He wants to empower cities to invest more in local roads and sidewalks

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