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Thousands of students voting in mock election

Posted at 8:15 AM, Nov 01, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Even if you're sick of the election and just want it to be over, it's still important to remember why we go through the process. 

Thousands of students in Indiana and across the country will be participating in their own mock election Tuesday by voting for the next president.

While their votes obviously won't count for the real election, the initiative is meant to help teach children about the value of voting.

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All day long, students will be learning election-themed lessons before casting their votes. There will even be real-time results updated online throughout the day, just like in the grown-ups' election.

Another goal for the initiative is that if students vote as a part of their education, they'll be more likely to do so as adults. The program is run by "Every Kid Votes!".

Some of the central Indiana schools participating are: 

  • Eastside Elementary
  • Eastern Greene Middle School
  • Bunker Hill Elementary
  • St. Roch Catholic School
  • North Putnam High School