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Shots fired at IMPD Northwest District Headquarters

Posted at 1:21 AM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 23:55:20-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Somebody fired multiple shots at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's Northwest District Headquarters late Tuesday night.

An officer called in a report of shots fired around 11 p.m. Upon further investigation, about 15 bullet holes were found on the outside of the building in the 3800 block of Industrial Boulevard.

Police say the shots appear to have come from a high-powered assault-style rifle.

There were shell casings all over the road on the ground along the street. A vehicle was also struck.

"We truly believe someone in this community knows who's responsible for this, and we're asking for the community's help in locating that person before they attack another police station or before they attack someone in our community," Metro Police Chief Troy Riggs said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

An IMPD spokesperson said if this had happened during normal business hours, there may have been a different outcome since more people would've been around.

"IMPD goes through a lot of effort to make contact with the community, to talk to people, to reach out," IMPD Captain Michael Jefferson said. "To have something like this happen where somebody is obviously not paying attention, not trying to get in touch with the police. Not trying to make the effort to come together."

Mayor Joe Hogsett released this statement about the incident:

"Last night was another sobering example of the dangers that face the brave men and women of IMPD every single time they put on their uniform to protect and serve this city. It was also a reminder that even as we seek to build bridges between officers and neighborhoods through community policing, there are an unfortunate few who still seek to divide us against ourselves. Let me be clear: Indianapolis will not tolerate the reckless actions of any individual who directs violence toward our law enforcement officers. They will be found and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As federal prosecutor, I saw first-hand the sacrifices that police officers and their families make in the name of public service, and I urge Indianapolis to come together and show complete support and appreciation for what IMPD does each and every day."

"There are healthy ways to protect anything you feel is unjust," said Deputy Mayor of Neighborhood Engagement David Hampton during the Wednesday press conference. "I ask the entire community hold equal disdain for the shooting of unarmed black and brown people, as well as the shooting and violence against our police officers."

Nobody was hurt in the incident. Police do not have a suspect.


Watch the video below for the full briefing by Mayor Joe Hogsett and Metro Police Chief Troy Riggs

Watch the video above for Jefferson's full interview.