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Indiana State Fair: Indiana is a major player in popcorn production

Lamb Farms featured at 2019 Indiana State Fair
Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-02 18:16:39-04

BOONE CO. — Family operated Lamb Farms in Boone County has deep roots in Indiana that runs back to 1963. The farm is run by brothers Don and Den, along with their father Bob and they farm thousands of acres.

This year's wet weather has been the most challenging.

"My dad has been through 56 crops. He usually can tell you that this year is like 'that' year. And most years that does work," Don said. "This year has become like no other — even for him."

This year is memorable for another reason too: The Lambs are featured farmers at the 2019 Indiana State Fair.

"It's a neat opportunity. We are honored to be asked to be there," Don said. "It's like I talked about before, we like the opportunity to tell people about agriculture. We love agriculture. Agriculture is a fun business to be in. We're proud of what we do. We're proud of how we do it."

Lamb Farms is most recognized for its popcorn production.

"Popcorn is different. We get that question a lot. What's different about popcorn," Don said. "It is a completely different plant, and that's about as big as it gets."

In the video above, learn why the Lamb family says popcorn is really an Indiana story.