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Hoosiers attempting to save money as gas prices continue rising

High gas prices
Posted at 10:18 PM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-02 06:20:51-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers everywhere have gas on their mind as prices continue to go up.

On Wednesday, both Indiana and the country as a whole hit record-high averages, according to AAA. The average in metropolitan Indianapolis is now $4.74 per gallon.

"I'm surprised, it's just going too fast," Joi-Lyn Thornton said.

Thornton is a central Indiana resident.

"I used to spend, I would say the most about $40, and now it's $60-65. So, I am not liking this at all," Thornton said.

Bradly Alford recently moved to Indianapolis from California. He said the increases everywhere are out of control.

"I mean it's crazy," Alford said. "Leaving San Francisco, it was $6.10 when I left, a gallon. And I just talked to my mom and she's paying $7.20 now."

Although he said he's getting a slight relief from what he was paying back home, it's still cutting his pockets deep.

"I pick my kids up and bring them home and I'm like, that's it for the day," Alford said.

"Some people want to find little tricks we can do to try to help. If you find out that trick, let me know as well," Christopher Cooper, general manager of All-Star Tire & Auto Service said.

Cooper said finding ways to improve gas mileage and cut costs has been a popular request from customers.

"There are little things you can do to cut little corners and make better fuel," Cooper said. "Make sure your engine air filter is nice and clean."

According to Cooper, the idea that driving with windows down as opposed to running the car's air conditioning works, but with a caveat.

"(Don't do it) enough to be miserable," Cooper said. "I'd much rather be nice and cool in air conditioning. These vehicles nowadays are so much more efficient."

Cooper said he could run all the tricks in the world to save a coin here and there, but it's not enough to make a significant difference, and unfortunately, we are going to have to wait out.

For Thorton, she is simply holding out hope that relief comes soon.

"I'm trying to figure where I'm going to get the money, but I am trusting that something is going to happen where it gets lowered," Thornton said.