Mark your property: 'Purple Paint Law' goes into effect July 1

Posted at 2:00 PM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 18:50:27-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- If you see purple paint on a fence post or tree, it means don't enter the property, starting July 1. 

Next week, a new law will go into effect in Indiana that makes purple marks the same as a "No trespassing" sign, with a couple of caveats. 

The law allows landowners in Indiana to mark their property with purple paint to prevent trespassing and minimize liability if someone illegally enters the property and gets hurt.

The signs are typically used near land reserved for hunting, so a landowner doesn't have to keep replacing a sign that may have been vandalized or destroyed by the weather.

According to the law, HB 1233, the paint must be:

(A) on a tree:

(i) as a vertical line of at least eight (8) inches in length and with the bottom of the mark at least three (3) feet and not more than five (5) feet from the ground; and

(ii) not more than one hundred (100) feet from the nearest other marked tree; or

(B) on a post:

(i) with the mark covering at least the top two (2) inches of the post, and with the bottom of the mark at least three (3) feet and not more than five (5) feet six (6) inches 19 from the ground; and

(ii) not more than thirty-six (36) feet from the nearest other marked post; and

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the new law on March 21, but he attended a ceremonial signing in June.  Rep. Dave Wolkins (R-Warsaw) authored the measure. 

"This is an efficient, simple way for landowners to keep trespassers out," Wolkins said, via “It will also help minimize a property owner’s liability, prevent accidental trespassing and make it easier to prosecute trespassers. Because the paint cannot be easily removed, it can be effective for several years.”

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