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Horizon House asking Hoosiers to "share the warmth" with the homeless community

Posted at 9:58 PM, Nov 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-23 22:00:15-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Horizon House is asking the Indianapolis community to share the warmth as the winter season settles in. As the temperatures continue to drop, the need continues to grow to help neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Horizon House is an organization on the near-east side that provides day services to the homeless community. They provide food, clothing laundry and personal resources.

Jenni Evans works one-on-one with people who come to Horizon House, connecting them to tools and helping them get back on their feet with the most basic needs.

"People will come in and need things an ID and say, 'All my things were stolen, how do I get an ID,'" Evans said. "On a daily basis, I really just talk to them and see what their acute needs are and then do my best to make it happen for them."

That is why donations of warm clothes and blankets are so important this time of the year.

"It makes a world of difference," Evans said. "There are not enough blankets and coats and gloves to give everybody all the time."

Horizon House serves up to 250 people a day. Many of the people who come to Horizon House lack the basic layers of protection to keep warm in the freezing weather.

"People come in and they are wearing nothing, or maybe have a few items of clothing, and just giving them a new pair of gloves or hat or scarf," Evans said. "Even if people find a print on an item they like, something that makes them feel, have a little bit more dignity."

While many people who come to Horizon House during the day, sleep at a shelter overnight, there are many who do not have any sort of roof over their head when the sun goes down.

"We also see a significant number of individuals that are either street sleeping, car sleeping, or living in camps," Marcie Luhigo, the director of development and communications at Horizon House, said. "We are doing our best to supply them with nice warm coats, hats and gloves and warm blankets to help them through these really cold temperatures."

Blankets or any sort of warm clothing items that are brand new or gently used are always desperately needed at Horizon House. If you could not make the drop off drive today, you can still donate items by coming here from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.