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RSV cases climb for pediatric urgent care

Posted at 5:34 PM, Nov 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-26 11:18:29-05

INDIANAPOLIS — "We have been very very busy with RSV," Taquita Taylor said.

Taylor is a family nurse practitioner at Children Express Care Clinic on 56th and Emerson Way.

She says respiratory illnesses are running rampant in the community.

"We are seeing around 30-40 patients a day. However, more than 75% of those are due to respiratory cases, RSV and peak RSV time doesn't happen until January or February so it started early," she said.

The clinic tests children five and under.

RSV isn't the only illness Taylor is diagnosing.

They're also seeing patients with asthma, bronchitis, the flu and COVID-19.

"Our wait time is 30 to 50 minutes. We definitely can get you in and out. We are focused on quality express but these ER waits times have been four to five hours," Taylor said.

Riley Children's Health tells WRTV 93 patients on Friday, were told to isolate due to respiratory illnesses including RSV, the flu and COVID-19.

Douglas Harvey says it's not just the children being impacted.

"In my facility, we have a lot of flu and we have covid that is kinda staying steady and that is with staffing and the patients," said Harvey.

To protect you and your family, especially after the holiday, Taylor says, monitor yourself and your children for these symptoms.

"You will have runny nose, cough, congestion, wheezing, in our younger population in infants, decrease in appetite, fever, fatigue," Taylor said.

She encourages frequent hand washing, avoiding kissing children and monitoring symptoms.