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We're Open Indy: Yats serving up cajun and creole flavors

Posted at 7:34 AM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 20:05:35-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Yats is one of those places that has carved out a loyal bunch of fans over the years.

With some big flavors from way down south, RTV6's Brad Brown goes inside with the owner, Joe Vuskovich.

Press play on the video above to watch!

Vuskovich says he has no plans of slowing down any time soon, and just wants to keep serving his customers as long as he can.

Along with takeout, Yats is doing curbside pickup at its Broad Ripple, Fishers and Avon locations.

Call ahead or order on their website.

We're Open Indy Special Update: Christmas Eve

WRTV began its efforts with "We're Open Indy" in March of 2020 as a way to highlight local businesses' efforts to adapt and provide a boost to help them get through the pandemic. Not all of them made it. But those that have are still facing an uphill battle. We worked to get updates from some of the business owners we spoke to earlier in the year to hear how it's been for them and what they project the near future of their businesses to be like.

WRTV stopped by at Yats' location on 54th and College Avenue right in the middle of December. Vuskovich says the business is still going strong.

Originally (at the beginning of the shutdowns) we had to close five of the locations but we've since then reopened Nashville, TN and Greenwood so that's been good. We were lucky, part of it thanks to you! We got a lot of positive response from being on RTV, it was great for us," the Yats owner said.

"We worked real hard, I mean we were lucky, the kids, a lot of people left, but the ones that stayed they worked hard; they did well," he continued. "And God, we've got a bond. Everyone stayed well, no one got sick. We were lucky, you know."

Vuskovich says it comes down to loyal customers and word of mouth.

"If we can just get through this, and you know it'll be good again, I have faith and am optimistic all the time that things are going to be better - as long as you have optimism you - you believe that it's going to be better, you can put up with anything," Vuskovich said. "That's part of the beauty of doing this, you see people happier, you see em if they're unhappy and you can fix what's wrong."

"This is a great corner – it’s the best corner in the world!" The Yats owner said of the neighborhood surrounding the 54th and College business.

"We put in a new ceiling, we’re gonna redecorate … Hopefully we’ll be able to seat people again, socially distanced. We’ll only have room for about ten people. But next year in ’21 things are gonna be good again."

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