The Rebound Indiana: Indy company creates tool to help companies safely bring back employees

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Posted at 12:04 AM, Sep 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-23 00:04:12-04

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INDIANAPOLIS — Many Hoosiers have settled into a work-from-home setup. But many offices are looking at implementing return-to-work plans that allow their employees to remain safe and healthy.

Indy-based company, hc1, has developed a COVID-19 solution that is ready to help make that process easier for employers.

hc1 transforms lab data into personalized healthcare insights. This is to ensure the right patient gets exactly the right diagnostic test from the lab and the correct prescription to allow them to be as healthy as possible.

While in the pandemic, an important signal you can find with people's health is how risky is the area that people live and work from an infection perspective.

hc1 created Workforce Advisor which is a way for employers to track real-time lab results. It is a local risk index to help employers support the health and safety of its employees.

"The fact that we are tied into 22,000 lab testing locations across the United States, our cloud system is able to give you really what looks almost like a weather forecast but instead of looking at tornadoes and hurricanes, it is looking at if the COVID virus is spreading and where is it subsiding," Brad Bostic, chairman and CEO at hc1, said. "And you can use that information then to more effectively plan your return to work and return to life programs that are underway across the country."

hc1 also has an online database available for the public to check out so anyone can keep an eye on COVID-19 spread in their communities. It does make users register, but everyone can now access the CV19 Lab Testing insights for free.

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For those who want to look at the county-level hc1 Local Risk Index and trends directly, they can be accessed for free and without a login using the COVID-19 Action Tracker from AEI [] (when you scroll down, you can enter the county, state, etc.).