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Cut that meat! Peyton Manning's best commercials

Posted at 9:06 AM, Mar 07, 2016

Peyton Manning, known for breaking both records and the hearts of his opponents, is also a TV star of sorts. Manning's commercials helped him go from superstar quarterback to the face of the NFL.

Relive some of the better commercials here:

Mastercard - "Cut that meat!"

Probably Manning's most popular commercial, this one flips the script on the fan-player dynamic and has Manning begging for a high-five and cheering on ... insurance adjusters?

Sprint - “Laser rocket arm”

One of Manning's earliest popular commercials, this showed Manning's ability to make fun of himself and gave fans outside of Indianapolis a chance to see his personality. 

Mastercard - “Take a hike”

Manning's "Take a Hike" Mastercard commercial was one of the first of a theme that would persist through many more: lovable, yet clueless. Manning is too naive to know when he's being trash-talked.

Mastercard -- Football Christmas gifts

Two of Manning's Indianapolis teammates, Ryan Diem and Jeff Saturday joined him in this one, where he gives football-related gifts to his friends and family. Bonus: The outtakes are as good as the commercial.


DirectTV - Football on Your Phone

Definitely two of the weirder Manning commercials were the DirectTV ones. They starred Peyton, Eli and their father Archie. Seeing the Manning brothers with mustaches or curly hair alone is worth being put on this list.

DirectTV - NFL Football Cops

ESPN - Manning brothers visit ESPN

It's always fun to see Manning and Eli in commercials together, let alone the entire Manning family. Peyton and Eli pick on each other (as brothers do) while getting a tour of ESPN.

NFL Shop - Manning family huddles for breakfast

We all imagine this is how the Mannings plan their meals and movies. Now that he's retired, he'll probably pass this routine down to his children.


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