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Never been to a Colts game? Here's what to know

Posted at 3:31 PM, Sep 18, 2015

If Monday’s game is the first-ever Colts game you’ve been to, or even the first one this season, it can an overwhelming experience.

Here are six things you need to know about before walking into Lucas Oil Stadium Monday evening so you get the best experience possible cheering on the horseshoes.

  • Don’t forget about the NFL bag policy – Instituted in the 2013 season as an effort to make the stadiums safer for fans, the NFL changed what you can bring with you. Bags that are larger must be clear and no larger than 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches. Smaller bags, about the size of a hand, can still be taken inside.
  • Try to find parking off the beaten path – Anybody can park right next door for $20-$25, but it takes a pro to find something cheaper. As long as the weather is nice, a half-mile walk before and after the game isn’t too bad. Parking can be found a few blocks away from the stadium for $10, and sometimes less.
  • Enter via the north gate – There are many entrances into Lucas Oil Stadium, but the north gate is the most entertaining. As you walk in, a band plays live music, and there are many race cars and other motorsport memorabilia on display.
  • Take a look out the window – After arriving in the north gate, go upstairs to the main concourse floor. There is a window overlooking Indianapolis to the north, which is sometimes open for games.
  • Participate in the 50/50 raffle – During every home game, the Colts have a raffle, giving 50 percent to a fan and 50 percent to the Indianapolis Colts Foundation, which does community service in Indianapolis. The winner is announced in the fourth quarter of the game.
  • Leave via the stairs or ramp – When the crowd is heading for the escalators, find the ramps or stairs in a doorway off the main walkways. It’s much less crowded and moves down a lot faster. Keep in mind -- this also means you'll have to keep up. If you aren't able to, it's best to stay to the escalators. 

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