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Pagano: Won't beat Zionsville like that

Pagano: Won't beat Zionsville like that
Posted at 11:27 AM, Sep 22, 2015

Following the 20-7 loss to the Jets, the answer to keep these kinds of games from happening again seems to be obvious to both coach Chuck Pagano:

Stop making mistakes. 

"Just have to take care of the football," Pagano said. "Just make great decisions and take care of the football. It's not that hard. It's not trigonometry."

MORE | Watch Pagano's full postgame press conference in the video player above.

The Colts rank dead last in the NFL in turnover differential at -7. The next-worst team? The Ravens at -2. 

The Colts had their best opportunity to make a dent in the Jets' lead early in the third quarter. The Colts had a drive that lasted nearly 10 minutes, but it ended with a Frank Gore fumble at the 1-yard-line. 

"Can't do it," Pagano said. "You're not going to beat Zionsville doing that."

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Tailgating before the Colts home opener

Next week, the Colts travel to Tennessee to play against the Titans. 

For quarterback Andrew Luck, the key is to just keep working through the team's issues, as the team did last year when it stared 0-2.

"I hesitate to compare it to last season," Luck said. "What we have to do is get a win. Find a way to get a win. ... We'll keep working. There's a bunch of good football players in that room."

MORE | Watch Luck's full postgame press conference in the second video in the player above.


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