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Indianapolis 500: Parking options on race day

Posted at 11:20 PM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 23:20:59-04

INDIANAPOLIS — There are many options to get to the track on Sunday. If you do drive, there are some options you might not know about.

Driving to the track on race day can be a challenge, and they're completely sold out of parking spots, but keep in mind homeowners and businesses nearby the track are looking to make a quick buck and get you to the race.

Along 16th Street, business owners are leasing out their lots to race fans.

"We've got such a great location," Jim Leubbert, who owns a business on 16th street, said. "And the people that are out here on the south end of the track between track one and two because it's a short walk to our seats."

This is the second year Efren Mcgarren is charging drivers to park.

"It's good money. And it's fun looking at all these cars and all these people," he said.

Leubbert is a veteran compared to Mcgarren in the parking game on race weekend. He's owned his business for 35 years and sells souvenirs, bobbleheads, postcards, and t-shirts.

However, Leubbert is ready to retire and says he will be selling his business soon.

"We want to retire; we're getting older… we've got grandchildren we want to hang out with," Luebbert said.

If the next owner plays it right, they might be as lucky as Leubbert who made enough money off selling those parking spots to put his kids through college.

He's also made some good friends along the way.